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Become a Summer C.A.M.P. Partner!


To give our students a sense of what it is to be an architect, we believe it is important they experience working for a real client.  There is no financial requirement to be a partner, only a commitment of staff and time for planning, and access to your facilities for the projects during the week.

Students attending our camp work in teams to design a selected “building”.  They learn that design and construction require being able to work in a team and that architects work for “clients”.  Campers also learn how the client functions and how they will use the space the architect designs. Working with local companies and organizations, we are able to create a "design lab"experience for our campers, enabling them to get hands-on experience.


For example, in 2015, Lauren Kirk, a C.A.M.P. staffer/supporter, was a member of the design and construction department at Macy’s. She advised that Macy’s wanted to serve as the “client” for camp. The student teams selected a product to “sell” and then designed a small kiosk under the guidance of Macy’s staff to advertise and sell their product. The students were invited to the corporate Board room at Macy’s where Macy’s marketing staff critiqued the students’ product selections.  The students visited the Macy store for a behind the scenes view of the retail world, while Macy’s staff visited CAMP’s studio at UC and counseled the students to complete their designs.  Macy’s staff enjoyed this so much, they sought us out for the second year.  


In 2019, we were approached by members of the Cincinnati Zoo facilities department.  They wanted to be our program partner for 2019.  The students got to see behind the scenes at the Zoo.  They picked an animal and designed an exhibit for their animal. The Zoo staff counseled the CAMPers on their projects. 


If you want to be a Summer C.A.M.P. Partner send an email to or complete and submit the form below.

For more information about partnering, contact us:

Thanks for your interest in partnering with us!

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