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Become a Donor!

The mission of the Cincinnati Architectural Mentoring program is to increase cultural and economic diversity within architecture and allied professions. We need to diversify the voices that design the built environment so that the places where we live, work, learn, and play reflect the aspirations of all of us.


One of our key strategies is to make our programs accessible to families of all economic levels, has been to offer them at significantly reduced rates.  We welcome the financial support of generous individuals, businesses, and organizations to help us meet this need.

2019-07-09 13.20.27.jpg

Your gift goes a long way!

Any donation will be greatly appreciated.  

Here are examples of where your dollars go:

  • $3,000 (Gold T-Square Sponsor*- Covers staff costs for a live camp week.

  • $1,500 (Silver Compass Sponsor*) - Covers partial staff costs for a live camp week.

  • $750 (Bronze Ruler Sponsor*) - Camp week tuition for two students.

*Sponsor levels above include the presentation of sponsor logo or name on all promotional materials.

  • $375 - Camp week tuition for 1 student

  • $150 - Transportation for one field trip

  • $100 - Camp week supplies for 1 student

  • $50 & Below - Camper supplies fund



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